Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

First you will need a starting point, a Base. When you started the app it should have detected your current location, and set it as your base.
1. Now touch the search symbol near the bottom left of the screen.
  Press the plus button to get more search options. You can pick from Contacts, recent searches and favorites. For now just pick Search addresses.
2. Type in the address. It should now search nearby addresses starting with your text, and you can select the appropriate one from the list. Pick one by tapping it.
3. The app calculates the route from base to that address.
4. Go back to 1 and keep adding addresses. The app optimizes the route after each entry.
Now you can look at the route information by pressing the i symbol, or by pressing menu, and Show route description.
If you tap a destination, it will toggle turn instructions for you to see the route in more detail.
From the map, you can press menu, and Save Route, or edit it with Edit current route.
When you are ready for a new route, the tap the compass button to Start Over.
If you start all routes from another location, you can press menu button, then Preferences. In Preferences you can type in a new Base address or if you are now at an appropriate base, touch Update Base from current location.
There’s plenty more but that should get you started.

I want to change my Base Address, how do I do that?

Press the menu button, then Preferences. In Preferences you can tap Base Address and type in a new Base address, or if you are now at an appropriate base, touch Update Base from current location.
Then tap Save and Exit the Preferences, and the app should locate your new base and show a marker on screen.

I want to plan routes ahead of time and start from where I am, can I do this?

You can do this as follows:
1. First start a new route by pressing Start Over and choosing the option to start From Here.
NB If you do not see the option then you have previously turned it off. To re-enable it see the question below.
2. Now add your route points as normal, build the route.
3. Save the route and give it a name (menu button, then Save Route).
4. Continue from 1 with all the routes you need to set up.
5. When you are ready to begin a route, load the route (menu, then Load Route). Tap the routes name from the list.
6. When the route loads, because it was set to start From Here, it will re-calculate the optimal route from your present location.
Then proceed as normal.

I want to choose whether I start from Base or Here but the Start Over doesn’t show the option

The Start Over from Base or from Here can be turned on or off in Preferences:
1. Go to Preferences (menu button, then Preferences)
2. Scroll down until you see Confirmation before clear
3. Tap it to switch it on, then press back button or Save and Exit to leave Preferences
When you now do Start Over from the menu, you should see the options.

Can I save the route as I add destinations?

1. Go into Preferences (menu, then Preferences) and enable Auto save named route
2. Start a new route as normal, adding the first destination.
3. Save the route (menu, then Save Route) and give it a name.
The route is saved now and after every change that affects the routes course.

How do I make a stop the last on my route?

It depends on whether you are using the Return to base at end of route option in Preferences. If this is OFF (and so you are doing an A to Z style route), then the last destination you enter will always be your final destination.
If you are doing round-trip routes (Return to base at end of route option is ON), or if you want to do A to Z routes but change your final destination, you can edit the route:
1. Enter all the destinations
2. Tap the point you want to make your final destination, the info window pops up.
3. Tap Finish at this point, the route will re-draw with your point as the final destination.
Or if you want more control:
1. Enter all the destinations
2. When you have them all entered, go to menu -> Edit current Route.
3. The optimized route is shown. Touch the point you want as your last destination (somewhere to the right of middle on the list), and drag it to where you want it.
4. You can re-order the list how you want it.
5. Press back (or press menu) and choose the option to Keep edits and close.
Note that this keeps the route in this state in memory, but you need to save the route to keep it for later.
Also note that once you have edited a route, it is in a non-optimized state. You will get the option to re-optimize it if you add another point

How to get voice navigation

To do this the app can use apps that provide navigation, such as Google Maps navigation. Many apps provide this ability, such as Scout GPS, and the latest version of the app can be configured to use Waze too.
1. First plan your route
2. Then when you are ready, tap the first marker, an info window bounces up
3. Tap the info window to get the option to ‘Navigate there’
4. The navigation app starts and directs you, including voice navigation
5. When you reach your destination, press and hold the device Home key to bring up the recent apps list
6. Tap Fast Delivery Route app, and tap the next marker you want to navigate to

How many stops will Fast Delivery Route Plus handle

The app can optimize 50 stops per route. You can have as many routes as you want though. You can save and load routes as required, so if you need 100+ per day you can make 2-3 routes per day if necessary.
If you have a pre-ordered list and do not need to optimize the route, you can set the optimize route option in Preferences to not optimize. Then you can add up to 200 destinations. To do this, tap menu, Preferences, then Optimize route option, and select a non-optimized route option.
The app can be limited on lower-spec devices. Modern devices with dual and especially quad core processors will do the work no problem, but many new devices now are sold with low spec to keep prices low…and these devices will struggle with the workload.

How can I export a route and send it to Support to check?

Here’s how:
1. Save the route, if you haven’t already (menu, Save Route), and have it showing on screen
2. Go into Preferences, scroll down the options to near the bottom, Show Help Desk Export, tick that
3. Go out of Preferences
4. Then go to then menu again, and there will be a new option to Contact Help Desk: Export – tap that. It will make an email to send the raw route data to Support.

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